4Terrain General Installation Notes


The function of the clutch is to transmit the power from the engine to the transmission and also to disconnect the power to allow gear shifting and the vehicle to stop. Clutches should provide:

  1. Smooth engagement, (no shudder)
  2. Positive drive, (no slip)
  3. Efficient gear change (no grating gears)
  4. Ability to absorb noise and vibration from the engine and to stop it from reaching the gearbox which can cause harmonic noise and or gearbox rattle, (roll over noise)
  5. Durability

If the clutch is held excessively at point of engagement (holding the vehicle on hills using the clutch) or by trying to rock the vehicle as is the case sometimes when 4WD driving on rough terrain the heat that is generated can be extremely high, which can cause clutch fade (similar to brake fade) even to point of the clutch disc linings burning to dust in the bell housing. Another way to look at a clutch is that it is a fuse in the driveline and like any fuse if there is too much asked of it, it will fail.

Please keep the above in mind next time you are overworking the clutch.


  • Make sure the dust boots and seals are in good condition to prevent water and mud ingress which may cause clutch concerns.
  • Don’t ride the clutch
  • If you do overheat the clutch allow it time to cool.
  • Use the gearing in the vehicle to your advantage instead of slipping the clutch.
  • Save the clutch in extreme conditions and use the winch.

A standard clutch will withstand some of punishment but if you have a highly modified vehicle or if you have experienced clutch concerns.


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