Evidence Based Why 4x4s Needs a Heavy Duty / Performance Clutch

Owning a 4×4 is such a wonderful experience, often we tend to neglect that towing loads are taking an effect on the vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers install four-wheel drives with a clutch that’s just adequate for said vehicle’s intended function, such as daily driving, some off-road driving, and some towing, they rarely anticipate off-roading enthusiasts usually route into putting bigger tires, carrying additional accessories and gear, engine remap, installing an exhaust, and adding additional weight above the maximum stated towing capacity. Stock clutches were not made for performance applications, so it keeps wearing out before it should.

Just like brake pads, the clutch wears down as time goes by, needing to be replaced, so a clutch should be looked at the same way. A clutch’s materials constantly deteriorate every time they move, so it’s not expected to last for a vehicle’s entire lifetime. There are few things that shorten the clutch’s life span quicker than expected, usually will result in degradation of clutch plate’s friction material which leads to slipping — not being able to hold the flywheel anymore.

Even if nothing is wrong with your clutch, upgrading to a performance clutch kit can help reduce the need for high-cost maintenance and repairs in the long run. Performance clutches usually have higher clamp loads and more durable disc materials. Increasing the clamp load of the cover assembly holds the clutch disc better meaning more torque can be transmitted without the clutch slipping, and the clutch will be much more likely to withstand aggressive shifting or clutch dumping. 4Terrain performance clutch kits will give you everything that you need while exploring the outdoors and are available in various levels of torque capacity. We manufacture 4Terrain to provide an above-average clamping force to withstand the loads of towing, power upgrades, increase tire diameter and vehicle weight. Our clutch disc and pressure plates are engineered with premium materials to maintain a better pedal feel, increase torque capacity, and to last longer.