Friction Material

Changing the friction material on a clutch disc can increase the torque capacity and can improve the thermal properties. Common clutch disc materials are;

Organic – Most commonly used on OE applications this material is great for drivability but is not suited for
high performance applications due to poor torque capacity when hot.

Aramid – Generally a mixture of organic and aramid this compound has the drivability of standard organic material with much higher torque capacity and better heat resistance. Found in 4Terrain Ultimate this material is perfectly suited to 4WD applications where higher performance is needed without any compromise to drivability.

Cerametallic/Ceramic – Suited to high performance or race applications this material can handle a high level of heat while also giving a massive increase in torque capacity (66% increase
over organic material). Unfortunately, the drivability is significantly decreased as the material gives a more aggressive engagement than organic material. This material can be found in the Mantic performance range.