New 4WD Clutch Range


An OE vehicle comes fitted with a standard clutch and this is suitable for most drivers, but we’re not all standard drivers. If an engine is modified, or if the vehicle is under a higher strain than normal (like 4-wheel driving or towing heavy loads) an upgraded clutch is required.

We stock a wide range of clutch upgrade brands and one of the newest and most popular range of 4WD clutches is the 4Terrain Heavy Duty clutch system. 4Terrain Heavy Duty is made by Clutch Industries who have over 69 years’ experience designing and engineering clutch systems for Australian conditions.  The product is ideal for applications where the standard clutch is stressed beyond typical daily driving conditions, such as towing, trade/commercial use or off-road driving.

4Terrain Heavy Duty delivers an increase in torque capacity while also increasing the life of the clutch through improving the following components.

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High Clamp, Grooved Cover Assembly

4Terrain Cover Assemblies all feature a high clamp, SG Iron pressure plate along with the Patented ER2 Groove Design feature a unique groove pattern which is CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate.

This groove has been specifically designed to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate and assist in heat removal. The increase in the Mean Effective Radius of the cover assembly gives a significant increase in torque capacity which is backed up by dyno testing.

By adding the groove to the pressure plate, the inside radius of the friction face has effectively been increased. The first 8mm of the pressure plate has all but been removed and added to this, there is progressively less material removed as the radius increases. The net effect of this is to move the effective inside radius further out.

When comparing the Mean Effective Radius (Rm) of the ER2 version to the non ER2 version you can see the ER2 version is further out. This increases the torque capacity of the clutch. Torque capacity is directly related to Rm.

More Friction Material

The 4T Heavy Duty clutch disc features a 25% thicker friction material for longer life, this is backed up by a 3 Year/50,000Km warranty which is the best warranty in the market.

Everything you need to get the job done

A 4Terrain Heavy Duty clutch kit comes with everything you need to do the job including the release bearing or CSC, spigot bearing and clutch aligning tool. Also, 4T Heavy Duty has a range of replacement flywheel kits to take away the hassle of sending the flywheel off to be machined.

The 4Terrain Heavy Duty Clutch system is built to endure the rugged demands of hard-working vehicles and is a logical choice for anyone who demands relentless reliability.

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